High Precision Energy compensation screen exposuring machine

Full Auto High Precisioin Screen Printing Exposure Machine

Full-Auto High Precision Screen printing Exposure Machine 
Scope of Application
High end Screen Printing industries such as Electronics, Solar energy,Light Guides,Glass and steel mesh printing.

Technical Parameter:

Spec SBT-1215W
Machine function Exposure high precision screen plate glass,stainless steel ect.
  Valid area(MM) 900*1200
Exposure Time 35-55second
Exposure evenness Above 80%
Line width 3-4μm
Vacuum Speed 0-140kpa
Lamp 3KW from South Korean originally made
Light source wave length 350-450nm
Exposure Time Tolerance Less than 0.5s
Noise in working Less than 70dB
Lamp Cooling Wind turbine cooling box system
Electric Motor Tobishi in TW
Vacuum Pump Oil free Vacuum pump,TW
External dimension(MM) W1200*L1500*H950
Lamp using life Above 800 hours
Power supply 380V 30A3kw

Features Description

1.Operated by touch screen and controlled by Mitsubishi PLC.

2. Single exposure system, second times pumping technology.

3. Automatically detect the exposure time, displays the fault problem, and 5 groups of exposure recording.

4. 5KW high-quality light source imported from Japan , even exposure, lamp life is more than 1000hours, exposure time is generally kept in 35-55 seconds which is adjustable.

5. The blanket is imported from Germany, with excellent toughness.

6. The vacuum pump is selected from Taiwan and No-Gas added for lifetime,low noise and large vacuum force and air filter.

7. Transformer is selected from Taian, Taiwan, stable performance.

8. Imported ultra-white tempered exposure glass.

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