Auto measuring machine

Automatically Stencil Inspection Machine

Equipment introduction

 It is a device for high-precision measurement and inspection of steel mesh for printing.

 The main purpose is to inspect the incoming steel mesh, to control the quality of the steel mesh cleaning, optimize the process research and measurement of the steel mesh opening, and to automatically record and upload the steel mesh received material ~ acceptance inspection-storage ~ use-cleaning -Cleaning and testing ~ use and warehousing ~ scrapped to achieve automatic management of the entire information chain;

 It makes up for the defects of low manual inspection efficiency, poor quality, inability to manage and trace data, and inability to improve the process, and provides an important reference for the improvement and control of the printing process.


The principle is to use image automatic measurement technology to collect parameters such as the size and position of the steel mesh, compare it with the Gerber file or the new steel mesh reference value, and judge whether it is qualified within the set error range.

 Equipment Features

  • The automatic stencil measuring machine is an optical measuring equipment that uses automatic image recognition technologyand collects the stencil size, position, and wall of the stencil opening and then compares it with the error range and reference value set in the program, so that judge whether the steel mesh opening meets the requirements.
  • The traditional manual inspection method cannot guarantee the accuracy of inspection, accurate measurement and comparison, and no data recording, analysis and comparison. It is impossible to conduct precise research on the impact of different stencil opening processes on the quality in use;
  • The equipment is simple to operate and the inspection process is fully automated, which not only greatly improves the detection accuracy and speed, but also avoids human judgment factors, providing direct and objective quantitative data for judging the quality of the steel mesh;
  • Mainly for new stencils, measure and determine the correctness and rationality of the stencil openings, and monitor the quality of the stencils in use, find quality problems in advance, and prevent batches caused by the quality of the stencils
  • Automatic tension test and record, save test report, monitor the accuracy change of steel mesh;
  • Check and monitor the thickness of the slab and the ordinary steel mesh to ensure the quality of the steel mesh and the correctness of the process (optional function);
  • The three comparison functions of PCB, PCB GERBER, and stencil GERBER provide windows and tools for stencil and printing process analysis (optional function);
  • The optional scraper inspection function, stencil management system, data upload analysis, and stencil thickness inspection are important support functions for process management and research;
  • Improve the ability of automated management and control, and timely prevent, detect, and manage quality and efficiency problems caused by steel mesh problems;
  • Improve the stencil opening process, solve the printing press problem, and increase the SPI inspection pass-through rate;
  • Record inspection data in detail, generate various types of reports, improve process analysis links, and provide support for production process improvement;


Measuring Specification

Model Type


Measuring Purpose

New Stencil opening precision, quality test, old Stencil cleaning effect test, foreign matter test, tension test,Precision comparison;

Measuring Item

Location, size, quantity, quality, precision, foreign matter, tension, burr, breakage, porosity;

Multiple opening inspection for whole board

Optionally check the whole board with multiple opening holes

Thickness measurement of stencil and step stencil

The thickness and mass of mesh wall of stencil and step stencil were measured.
Resolution: 0.4μm;Measurement accuracy: ±2μm;

Measuring Speed

0.8 S/FOV







Measuring Accuracy

Size Measuring accuracy

The highest with 3.45μm(same FOV resolution:0.345μm)

Area Measuring accuracy



Position accuracy

Repeatability accuracy 1~5%, grating scale accuracy ±1 m

Tension Measuring

High-precision tensiometer, testing at any position;Precision: ± 1n. cm, tension range: 0~50N

Minimum spare part Measuring

80μm * 80μm






Optical System


4101×3006 pixel 1200dpi,made in Germany



12M customized bilateral telecentric optical lens

Top Light

Ring LED top light, coaxial LED light source

Bottom Light

White coaxial LED light


3.45、5.75、6.9μm/pixel can be choose


FOV size

14.1×10.3mm、23.6×17.2mm、28.3×20.7mm can be choose



Stencil SPEC

Stencil frame Dimension

OK for under 813x813x60mm

Maximum Measure range






Equipment SPEC

Out external Dimension




Equipment Frame

marble platform + casting structure high precision measurement guarantee,Full cast gantry structure, better life

Drive System

Dc motor + grating ruler closed-loop control + flight photography


Equipment Request


AC 110V/220V±10%(uniphase), 50/60Hz,1000VA

Air pressure


Vibration won’t affect accuracy.


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