Compatibility Various Brands SMT Solder Paste Squeegee Blades Deformation Inspection Device

SMT Squeegee Blades inspection device

 ——-Dedicated for SMT Squeegee Blades Inspection Using


In order to better control the squeegee blade, this tool is designed; it is mainly for detecting the deformation or missing (notch) of the squeegee and the blade. There is no other better way to detect the squeegee and the squeegee blade. The marble platform is class 00 (≤0.005mm error) and has an inspection report issued by a calibration agency, but the accuracy of the whole set of tools cannot reach 0.01mm or higher, which improves the printing quality.
Simulate the squeegee lifting system of the printing press, apply a certain pressure after the squeegee blade touches the marble platform (pressure gauge reading 2kg-5kg), manually detect whether the squeegee contact surface is leaking, and then judge whether the squeegee (squeegee blade) is large Deformed or chipped.


Operation Steps: 

  1. Place the platform on a flat terrain and adjust the level. A 220V socket needs to be installed nearby.
  2. Connect the platform plug to the 220V socket, turn on the 24V lamp switch and the platform backlight will be on.

Confirmation before using(on the first time)                         
Turn on the power of the digital push&pull tester, and the instrument enters the normal working state; confirm the push&pull tester unit (N.IBF, KGF); hang the squeegee blade to be tested on the test frame, and then slowly shake the handle to make the blade just match The marble surface is in contact; the value on the LCD screen of the push&pull tester should be zero at this time, if it is not correct, please press [Zero] on the push-pull meter.




Push-pull meter Setting


Model Name SMT Squeegee Blades Inspection Device
Model Type SBT-GDJ600S
 Accuracy of the entire Equipment It can reach 0.03MM
Marble 00Level(≤0.005mm tolerance)
Pressure Gauges degree 2-5kgs
Power supply AC220V;
Working consume:0.02KW
Using Environment Temperature:10-35°C  Humidity:35-85%
External dimension 610L*310W*1300H(mm)
Net Weight Approx.150KG



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