Constant Temperature Vacuum Planetary Defoaming Mixing Machine


-Working Principles                                                    

Before mixing and degassing, the machine pre-cools the working chamber to the set temperature, and then puts it into the container with the materials. It uses the method of rotation + revolution to rotate at high speed to generate centrifugal force, so that the materials make planetary high-speed relative motion in the container. Let the materials in the container be fully stirred and mixed. While stirring, the vacuum pump generates a vacuum environment in the container to remove the air in the materials. At the same time, the temperature set inside the machine keeps the materials at the specified temperature, curbing the temperature rise of the materials due to centrifugal force. 


  • Stir the multi-component materials evenly.
  • Remove air bubbles in the materials.
  • Cooling the high temperature generated by high-speed friction and shearing of materials controls the material temperature within the required range.

-Machine Parameter

Mix Method Vacuum revolution /rotation speed can be adjustable,Non contact mixing
Model Type SBT-VTP500S(CT)
PLC  Control HMI interface, can edit and store more than 5 groups of programs.
Process Program Each group of programs can be controlled in 5 stages: running time, running speed, vacuum time, etc
Vacuum pump Capacity 21m³/h
Vacuum -100KPA~-0.1KPA
Rotation Speed 100-2800rpm,stepless adjustment.
Revolution Speed 100-2800prm.
Max.Mix capacity 500ml x 2 cups.(Liquid: only 1/2 volumn of cup, cream or paste:only 2/3 volumn of cup)
Power supply AC220V/380V(3 phase 5wire)
standby:50w  working consume:4.5KW
Using environment Temperature:10-35°C  Humidity:35-85%
External dimension L1300*W900*H900(mm)
Net Weight Approx.300KG
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