screen coating machine

Full Auto High Precisioin Screen Printing Coating Machine

Machine Characteristics                                                                                

  1. HMI operating system enhances the flexibility and reliability of operation.
  2. The drive motor is controlled by the frequency converter, making the motor run smoothly and safely, and the coating effect is good.
  3. Coating speed can be adjusted step by step according to actual usage conditions.
  4. The special rotating clamping frame fixing structure enhances the stability of the clamping frame.
  5. The different screen sizes can be adaptable for this machine.
  6. Extra equipped with screen sensing mechanism to effectively prevent wrongly operation.


Main parameter

External size of Machine(L*W*H)


Max.Screen frame size


Max.coating size


The thickness of Screen fame


Preset coating times


Coating Speed

Steplessly adjustable

Working pressure


Applicable power supply

2P 220v/0.5kw/50Hz

Net weight


Main components of the structure:                                         

Drive motor, screen lift motor, walking linear guide, travel timing belt, drive timing belt, cylinder, linear bearing, other bearings, programmable controller, inverter controller, low voltage control appliance, instrument, sensor, photoelectric switch, caster.

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