Hanger type film storage cabinet

Film storage cabinet is also called film archive cabinet, with two different kinds of material, 1.5mm thickness stainless steel and cold rolling baking vanish steel plate,anti-dust, anti-damp,save space,easy for film filing and searching, equipped with new type flat handle lock and keys , good appearance and beautify environment, usually apply to clean working room.

1.Adopt 1.5mm thickness 304 stainless steel or cold rolling baking vanish steel plate produced,durable,corrosion resistance,better for working in no-dust environment.

2.Adopt 0.15mm thickness anti-static film bag,side edges merged by high frequency machine and added sealing zip, which keep films better storage and reduce distortion issue.

3.There are usually two different types of film cabinet, one is the standing bag with double hooks pattern, simple design and lower cost, the other is the inserting bag set with PVC or aluminum rail groove, convenient for separating search.

4.information card set in each bag, you can encode for each layer of bag, convenient for fast searching and filing.

5.Adopt two to four floors design,save produce space in maximum, set up lock on door and good for worker managing and keeping films ordering use.

6.Four direction wheels on the bottom of cabinet, it’s convenient for moving.

7.Common type: hanger type,rail type, drawer type, it can be customized base on customer’s artwork requirement.
Hanger Type Film Storage Cabinet
Hanger Type Film Storage Cabinet
Hanger Type Film Storage Cabinet

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