10L x 2 Barrels Vacuum Defoaming Dispersing Mixing Machine

Large Capacity Vacuum Planetary Defoaming Mixing Machine

Vacuum condition with 20L Capacity

Model Number: SBT-VTP20000S

The optimal mixing capacity is 10L each Barrel. NO CONTACT MIXING.


-Working Principles                                                    

Planetary mixing and degassing: Placed 2 or more kinds of materials into the cup, the forced convection that generated from the cup of the revolution and self -rotation makes the material to be mixed and makes the material particles homogeneously,the gas mixture after mixed is vacuumed simultaneously. Furthermore, the flow velocity (direction) changes suddenly between the liquid surface and the container wall, causing complicated flow and strong shearing force.  This shearing force makes droplets and particles smaller and increases their dispersibility. At the same time, air bubbles are also dispersed finely.



  • Equipped with two 20L mixing capacity 304# stainless steel barrels.
  • Achieved complete revolution + rotation for gravity mixing function.
  • This series of models provides mixing and revolving in the form of vacuum state, and the revolutionspeed is the stepless-speed regulation and the rotation rotates at a certain ratio for revolution. (For the partially difficult material, the speed of revolution and rotation can be controlled separately. ).
  • This series of machine can best meet your needs for the most demanding degassing process during the mixing process of various slurries material.
  • Single/double cup mixing is available.
  • Vacuum/non vacuum mixing can be choosed base on your needs.




-Some Common Material Mixing Effect

-Machine Parameter

Mix Method Vacuum revolution /rotation speed can be adjustable,Non contact mixing
Time range 0-999seconds
Rotating Speed 500rpm(50~500 rpm can be set by need)
Mixing Adapter(Cavity) Double
Standard Container  20L*2 barrels with stainless steel
Max.mix capacity 10L x2 Barrels   15KG(Gross weight),20L(Net weight)
Vacuum Oil Special purpose vacuum pump oil
Vacuum degree(absolute) Can be set from 101.3Kpa to 0.1Kpa
Vacuum speed 0.1Kpa can be reached within 100S.
Power supply AC380V(3 phase 5wire)
standby:50w  working consume:12KW
Using environment Temperature:10-35°C  Humidity:35-85%
External dimension 1590*1240*1000(mm)
Net Weight Approx.820KG
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