PCB Electronic Products Vacuum Shrink Packing Machine
1. It can cooperate with assembly line operations to improve efficiency and is suitable for
medium volume and mass production.
2. The use of high-quality imported spare parts, stable and reliable performance.
3. The hot box and the hot knife are equipped with a protective cover, which is high safety.
4. In and out of the material: there are two types of left in right out and right in right out.
5. The stainless steel reinforced roller is used for feeding and discharging materials, which
makes the feeding and discharging materials quiet, stable, smooth and labor-saving.
6. Special far-infrared electric heating tubes are arranged for even heating; mobile electric
heating box, constant temperature heating method, rapid heating, and effectively improve
packaging efficiency.
7. Adopt imported vacuum pump, strong vacuum, quiet and no noise, suitable for
long-term production.
8. Other standard specifications are: 66 X 80 CM, 70 X 80 CM, 80 X 80CM, 90 X 90 CM
(operating area)

9. Other special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements

PCB Electronic Products Vacuum Shrink Packing Machine
After sale service:
*Machine warranty period: 12 months.
*Spare parts and components would be provided on free in warranty period.
*Technical supporting for whole lifetime.

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