The programmable temperature and humidity test chamber

Model No#: SBT-PHR-S-80M

Equipment Usage:
The programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber can simulate various temperature and humidity environments.
1)It is suitable for the adaptability test of electronic electrician, instrumentation and other products, parts and materials in storage, transportation and use under high and low temperature alternating humid and hot environment, it’s a reliability test equipment for raw materials, electrical, electrician, plastic, foam cotton and other raw materials and devices for cold resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, dry resistance test and quality control ;
especially suitable for frequency conversion car circuit boards, optical fiber, LCD, crystal , inductance, PCB, battery, computer, and other products of high temperature, low temperature, humidity resistance cycle test.
2)It can provide you with the basis for predicting and improving product quality and reliability by meeting the parameters such as reliability and stability of various harsh environments.
3)Widely used in industrial electronics and electrical components, military, plastics, hardware, optoelectronics, chemical and other industries, such as electronic components, LED lamps, crystals, motors, inductors, PCB, auto parts, mobile phones, computers, rubber, metals and other products under the combination of temperature and humidity in the virtual climate environment (high and low temperature operation & storage, temperature cycle, high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity, condensation test, etc.), it is tested whether the adaptability and characteristics of the product itself change.


Air or water temperature at 25 ° C, no load

Temperature range -40 ° C ~ +150 ° C adjustable
Temperature fluctuation ≤ ± 0.5 ° C
Temperature uniformity ≤±2°C
Heating time about 40 minutes for rise from 20 °C to 150 °C (at no load)
Cooling time from +20 °C to -40 °C takes about 50 minutes (when no load)
Humidity range 20% ~ 98% R.H.
Humidity fluctuation ± 2.5% R.H.
humidity deviation ≤ ± 3%

Temperature and humidity control range:
Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Cabinet -40º C150º C

Structure and material:

Internal size
400*400*500 (width × depth × height) MM
External size
1000*870*1700 (width × depth × height) MM
Inner box material SUS#304 heat-resistant cold-resistant and corrosion-resistant mirror stainless steel plate (1.2mm thick)
Outer box material SUS#304 stainless steel plate (optional) electrolytic steel plate spray
Insulation material imported high-strength fire-retardant PU foam insulation material, rigid polyurethane foam + glass fiber.
Test hole ¢ 50mm hole on the left side of the machine body, one plug (power cable and signal cable entry hole, can be energized for testing)
Box door  single door, single window, left open, handle on the right hand side.
350×250×40 mm three-layer vacuum tempered glass (with heating and electricity to prevent fogging), with lighting (Philips 20W).
Flat embedded handle
Rear button SUS #304
Sample placement rack pieces of SUS304# rack, 4 sets of movable wheels (for easy movement) and flat water angle cups (adjust the balance of the fuselage).

Testing limit:
This test equipment is prohibited:
Testing or storage of flammable, explosive, volatile materials
Testing or storage of corrosive substance samples
Testing or storage of biological samples
Testing or storage of samples of strong electromagnetic emission sources

* Control methods and features:
1. Balance temperature adjustment and humidity control system (BTHC), control SSR in P.I.D. mode, so that the heating and humidification amount of the system is equal to the amount of heat loss, and the solid energy can be used stably for a long time.
2. Refrigerant servo valve flow calculation control. Power saving 30%, with standing time sleep function, energy saving 50% or more
3. Controller anti-electromagnetic interference is SGS certified; with 32 digital and above soft-path matching, with multiple development and software upgrade functions
5. Passed ISO-9001 quality certification and export CE certification
6. Defrost cycle (800 cycles of defrosting, each defrosting is guaranteed within 2 hours, integration test reaches 25% energy saving)

Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Cabinet -40º C150º C
Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Cabinet -40º C150º C
Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Cabinet -40º C150º C
Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Cabinet -40º C150º C

Exporting and packing method:
Non wooden case packed with pallet.
Cube feet: L1050*W920*H1750MM 1.7CBM
G/N W: 350/300KGS
Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Cabinet -40º C150º C

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