ST2 Squeegee Inspection device
ST2 Squeegee Inspection device
ST2 Squeegee Inspection device detail image 4
ST2 Squeegee Inspection device detail image 1
ST2 Squeegee Inspection device detail image 1

Solder Paste SMT Printing Quality Control Squeegee Blades Inspection Equipment

ST2 Squeegee Inspection Instrument

 ——-Dedicated for SMT Squeegee Blades Inspection Using


In the modern process perspective management and traceability, due to the control of product defects, any negligence of details may bring fatal injuries. In SMT process, how to judge the quality and life of squeegee has been put on the issue of quality control by more and more enterprises.

As a high quality squeegee supplier, with rich experience, has customized for many enterprises manual squeegee inspection machine. ST2 Squeegee Inspection Instrument is an automatic squeegee quality inspection instrument, which can check the quality of the squeegee comprehensively, and record the inspection data and results. ST2 is a good helper for blade quality control.

Machine type
Operating system
Testing method
Off-line automatic detection
Testing items
Blade deformation, notch, etc
Data entry
Bar code, two-dimensional code scanning
Image system
12 million high precision industrial cameras
Testing time
Testing precision
Precision of pressure
Range of pressure
Squeegee size
L ≤ 550mm
DEK,MPM,GKG and so on.
Power supply
220V 50/60HZ,200W
Machine size

1.Fully automatic operation. No manual operation
2.Visual inspection Simulate  production site. Inspect squeegee.
3.Smart chart Record data and result of the squeegee to get  report.
4.Simple installation Table type equipment, simple installation, no debugging,.
5.Free extension Free expansion with peripheral devices, online communication.

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