The Equipment value of solder paste management

Automation increases and labor costs decrease

The feeding scanning, refrigeration, temperature recovery, mixing and feeding are all fully automated and intelligent.
Temperature recovery reservation, stirring, anti-fooling, early warning, recovery and other functions are complete and powerful, reducing
Human intervention in solder paste control reduces labor control costs.

Quality of Solder paste increase and Waste of Solder paste decrease

Strict discharging principle (first in, first out/production date), priority will be given to deposits.
Strictly improve the standard solder paste control process, and the solder paste information can be traced throughout the process.
Improve the quality of solder paste usage.
Solder paste safety inventory, expiry warning, run-out confirmation, surveillance video, and real-time updates of solder paste information reports to eliminate solder paste waste.

The equipment is connected with systems such as MES, the solder paste and equipment interact with the MES system information, and the MES operation is monitored and controlled.
Powerful software system functions, customized according to your own needs.
Advanced intelligent solder paste management and control equipment enhances corporate strength and image.

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